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Surprise your diners with artisan
gluten free bread

Crusty, golden and wholesome, serve gluten free bread worthy of your menu’s flavours.

Check out our buns

Our entire bread range is gluten free. Never a mass-produced mentality, it is mixed,
kneaded and baked with care and love. That’s why it’s exquisite!

Burger bun

Vienna white

Slider bun

Pizza base

Quality taste & texture

When you choose gluten free bread for your café or restaurant, make sure it’s La Bakehouse Exquisite. With its traditional bread taste, your customers won’t believe it’s gluten free.


Enhance your menu


Buns with girth


Light, aerated and fluffy

Not just gluten free

No dairy, sugar, nuts or egg

Don’t sacrifice flavour

The most successful chefs don’t compromise on quality. They always choose the finest ingredients. Yet how many of their customers are let down by dry, flaky or bland gluten free bread? 

Don’t choose your bread based on price alone. Consumer-driven decisions mean you’ll get returning customers and positive reviews. 

Whether by choice or dietary need, gluten free customers deserve the same quality as other diners. Never sacrifice taste and texture with La Bakehouse.

The wholesome choice

100% coeliac safe | Manufactured in a 100% gluten free facility and environment